Saturday, 13 October 2012

BELL | October/November Issue | Mia Oatley

                   BELL, October/November Issue 2012, Bell Inbox

  Mia Oatley
Venus & Me

13 - 24 October

            Artist statement:
"Focusing on the desire, sensuality and beauty of the female nude I've created a series of mixed media paintings and drawings. I'm interested in my female subjects as a whole. Their dreams, aspirations, and desires, this enables me to rip beneath their surface image, and express on canvas how I see them, as well as providing a medium through which to express my own sexuality. The women emerge from a lush terrain. Languid visions from a sensual Utopia. Inspired by the goddess Venus and the powerful metaphors of love, beauty, and nature ‘Venus & Me’ explores the collective thread of women's secret desires".        Mia Oatley, 2012

View Exhibition @ Richard Martin Art

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