Saturday, 21 January 2012

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Colour My World
18 February - 7 March

   Private Lawns (above work) by Belynda Henry

    music is so important to me when i paint. in fact i can’t paint without it. usually when i 
    am painting for a show i just keep listening to the same handful of music over and over 
    again..the title for this painting, private lawns, is inspired by angus and julia stone, who i 
    listen to alot. it just reminded me of some of the houses out here in the valleys who have 
    the perfect gates and perfect lawns and hedges..(not my house!)

    Also i put a painting up today because my sculptures are driving me crazy.. i really want 
    to make them and i will, but i don’t want to talk about them, they are not my friends at 
    the moment!
     art // love // life.