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Andrew Baines  ||  Q&A  || September 2012

Can you give us some background to how you became a visual artist?
I have always wanted be a visual artist from a very young age and tried to chase my dream after leaving school by I attending the SA school of art part-time and doing commercial art during the day but I became sidelined by commercial art and the need to survive.  My commercial work was very successful and took a lot of soul searching to let go of... I knew eventually I would have to, if I wanted to chase my initial dream. In my early 30s I took the plunge and have never looked back!

When did you start, why did you start?
In my early 30s, I gave up my commercial art cold turkey and through everything into my visual art! It took several years of struggle before I got to a point where I could survive comfortably.

Other artists that inspire you?  - Do they change overtime/ year to year?
The obvious inspirations are Magritte, Jeffery Smart and artists like Warhol & Dali due to their incredible self promotion abilities! Every year I discover new artists that inspire me...not only visual but street artists, musical & commercial

Where do you get your inspiration for each work from?
Nearly 50 years of sweat and tears

Where do you paint and what is your ideal routine/ daytime… or night owl
I wake up every morning at 6am and head straight out into my backyard studio, where I paint until 3pm. I then go on the computer for an hour or so and market myself, contact people, organise future installations, research. After this I read philosophy and auto biographies for a short time before heading in front of the box, where I channel surf the TV, trying to absorb the global culture for inspiration! And every second morning I either walk or run along my beach.

How did you arrive at the title of this current show?
“Museum of my Mind” is a broad title for just about any concept I’m working on!

What is your painting process, shadows / lighting and perspective seem to be a key process, can you tell us about this?
I love the contrast between light and dark, and the visual and emotional impact shadows have in helping to convey a mood or concept. I begin with my darkest colours then continue to highlight until I’m happy with the mood.

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