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13 – 31 July 2013

Perth-based painter Waldemar Kolbusz takes as his central artistic agenda the language of colour and form. His deeply expressionistic paintings emphasise dynamic, energetic gesture in contrast to a reflective cerebral focus on more open fields of biomorphic colour. Inspired by the New York School greats Rothko and Motherwell, Kolbusz’s work resists formal categorisation by eluding a static sense time and place.

Kolbusz’s latest body of work at Richard martin Art marks the artist’s heroic vision of human irrationality and vulnerability. The simplified, astute geometry and large-format of Kolbusz’s work aligns with an exodus of pictorial means to foreground the elemental impact of colour-dominated fields. In violent opposition to previous exhibitions, this new body of work foregoes any reference to memory, association, nostalgia, legend and myth, instead relying on viewers’ freedom of interpretation to generate reactive feeling.

“I am an expressive painter primarily concerned with employing challenging combinations of colour and shape. My preoccupation is to paint works which generate an original awareness of colour, an element which saturates our existence,” says Kolbusz. (2008)

Kolbusz has been painting for over a decade; in 1996 at the age of 28, he left his then career in accounting to revisit his passion for the arts. Today his work is exhibited and collected both nationally and internationally and he continues to enjoy critical acclaim in today’s competitive artistic landscape. One of Kolbusz’s most meritable achievements thus far was his collaboration with renowned designer Aurelio Costarella in April 2013. Kolbusz interpreted the designer’s summer 13/14 collection palette to produce a series of four works that were subsequently used as backdrops to the designer’s multi-platform installation-come-fashion parade at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013.

of Waldemar Kolbusz painting works for the Costarella collaboration for Mercedes Fashion Week Sydney 2013

 Richard Martin Art has represented Waldemar Kolbusz since 2008. His work is held in several high profile corporate, public and private collections in Australia, New York, Brunei, Germany and Spain.

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