Wednesday, 9 May 2012


We caught up with Diana for a chat and to find out what inspires and what makes her tick.

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Can you give us some background to how you became a visual artist?
As far back as I can remember.

When did you start, why did you start?
Someone very wisely told me, a woman needs another passion in her life apart from family. I am lucky, mine is art.

Other artists that inspire you?  - Do they change overtime/ year to year?

I remain influenced by the old masters.

Where do you get your inspiration for each work from?
It is an evolving process.

Where do you paint and what is your ideal routine/ daytime… or night owl
Always from a studio at home.  When the light is good I work.
How did you arrive at the title of this current show?

Usually it will be something I am reading, but this time it was a very large, glamorous boat that kept sailing past my window.  It is called Elysium [or Paradise] which is exactly where I wanted to be with this body of work.

What is your painting process, symbolism and lighting seems to be key processes, can you tell us about this?
Symbolism is very important in my kind of work.  It is not just about the beauty of nature but also weaves a narrative.  This along with careful lighting creates drama and I hope helps the viewer transport to the paradise called Elysium.

Diana Watson


5 May - 23 May

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