Wednesday, 14 March 2012

CRAIG HANDLEY || Q&A || Art Month 2012

Craig Handley's new exhibition "mis-cel-la-ne-ous" is now showing at Richard Martin Art. We caught up with him as part of ART MONTH for an artist talk, to find out what inspires him and what makes him tick.

Can you give us some background to how you became a visual artist?
Left school and completed a sign writing apprenticeship. Went into animation industry. Have stayed in industry for 20 plus years now

When did you start, why did you start?
Around 2000. Mostly to stave off boredom and to expunge the demons!!

Are there any other artists that inspire you?  - Do they change overtime/ year to year?
John Register (American) Mark Tansey (American) Michael Borremans (Belgian)
Clarice Beckett (Australian)
I’ve drawn endless inspiration from these people for a long time now.

Where do you get your inspiration for each work from?
At around two in the morning usually after a startling dream of some what not or this and that.

Where do you paint and what is your ideal routine/ daytime… or night owl ?
Where and when I can, no routine

How did you arrive at the title of this current show?
Miscellaneous: composed of or containing a variety of things; diversified,
All sorts of qualities, aspects or subjects   

What is your painting process, drawing and graphics seems to be a key process, can you tell us about this?
I collage all sorts of disparate elements together to create an engaging composition all the while looking for markers that spark a memory within the viewer.

What do you think when you look back at early works, how do you feel about them now 12 years on?
Well, I am happy with everything I exhibit, but there are always a few that stand out for sentimental reasons.


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