Saturday, 10 September 2011

Take a walk on the wild side



  ‘The Good Life’ (24 Sept – 5 October)

Life in the country surrounded by nature and your favourite farmyard animals is surely anyone’s idea of ‘the Good Life’  – which Tina Hansen-Jones has used for the title of her solo exhibition at the end of September.  Tina’s inspiration comes from her weekly visits to the country to ride her horse ‘Beau’ and sometimes muster cattle or just immerse herself in the rural scene with her furry and fine feathered friends.  Unfailingly she would return to her Sydney studio fresh with ideas and eager to portray her favourite characters onto canvas.  With her spontaneous brushwork and richly applied oils Tina creates mood and drama in her work – who could defy the commanding look of ‘Jerry’ (pictured above).

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