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19 March - 6 April


Craig Ruddy chose the term ‘IMAGO’ (i-ma-go) as the title for this important body of work. It is the scientific name given to the final adult stage of the pupa during metamorphosis, the moment when the pupa develops its sexuality and breaks free from the chrysalis. He describes the word as intriguing and powerful, which could well apply to his artwork. 

It also describes some of Craig’s own feelings about the purpose of life:  “I do believe this life we are living is a chrysalis for something far greater and the paintings are representative of ‘the eternal cycle of birth, death and rebirth’ ...”

The themes are strong and expressive and certainly these new works have a level of high energy and a sense of breaking out of any former restriction.
Ruddy describes the work as a celebration of the female figure representing the energetic uprising of the human spirit from cocoon state through chrysalis.
Using a vibrant palette of magenta, blue, yellow, gold an orange, placed onto the back of glass, Ruddy has created the strong colour backdrop for his black-inked female figures, which look ethereal as they seem to float on the colour base.
This is how Ruddy seeks to impress upon his viewer the delicate balance between Life and Death and the possibility of immortality through Rebirth.

IMAGO II is the second part of this major body of work which premiered interstate in 2010. It marks Ruddy’s fifth solo exhibition with Richard Martin in Sydney.

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